Yikes! 2 more cats have settled in here

Perhaps ‘settled’ isn’t the right word: The kitten, Hank, hasn’t learned all the cat rules yet, and he’s sleeping way less than the 20-hours-per-day he’s supposed to — and whenever he’s awake he’s on the go.

I tolerate him (and even play with him some times), but hey, he’s a cat, and I can’t be getting too chummy.

Especially since he (like me) doesn’t draw a line between eating cat food and mine. (Truth be told, though, my people know I am a fan of cat food, too!)

The other new guy, Rocky, is really not settled in at all. He’s been here a month — almost the same length of time Hank has — and he still refuses to socialize with our human mom and dad. I know a bit of cat talk, learned from the earlier feline residents, and I’ve tried to convince him they’re great folks, and that ‘dad’ even takes me out for long walks fairly often. I think the idea of ‘outdoors’ kinda scares him. He must of have spent some time out there before he made it to the Humane Society shelter.

My Secret!

What I am not telling either of the new cats is that dad sometimes gives me meaty treats when he’s eating. Mom does, too, but I have to ‘speak’ to her to get her to anti up.

Lately dad’s been having some delicious-smelling sausage for breakfast. The last couple of times, he saved me a small piece — and let me take it right off his fork! I always like when he feeds me treats that way, and I’m careful not to give him any of my saliva by putting it on the fork. I need to save that for kiss-giving, which I do a lot.

Dad gets heavy-duty kisses when he’s taking a nap: I snuggle down under the blankets with him and go to town on his feet! He always keeps them nice and clean so they taste just like him! I love it!

He and I both had a start yesterday when we kept hearing a loud noise we couldn’t identify. I thought it was a delivery truck — mom orders lots of stuff online, including all the litter for the four cats, cuz the litter boxes are so heavy dad has a hard time carrying them to and from the car as and after he’s at Walmart — but it wasn’t. Dad thought it was a train, cuz several dozen of ’em pass very near our house every day.

Turned out, the weather had turned cool again, and the heat pump (don’t ask me what that is!!) started running just outside that back bathroom. It really does make a racket — and we’d been getting used to the peace and quiet without it as spring-like temperatures even had mom opening windows recently to air the place out.

I have a big voice for such a small girl

Mind you, I like the outside noises. They give me excuses to do me ‘protection thing’ and bark until they’re gone — or until dad tells me to quiet down. He’s usually pretty good, though, and lets me ‘let ‘er rip’ for a while as a run from where ever I was to the back door, where I make my stand. Short as I am (as a Yorkie/Schnauzer mix), I can easily see out under the door curtain, but the porch posts and two cars keep me from actually seeing as much as I’d like to.

Still, I’m making a serious contribution around here by alerting mom and dad to all the comings-and-goings out back. (I sometimes let them know about ‘things’ passing on the road, too, but since I’m pretty sure most of those things aren’t threats, I often ignore them.

What I can’t ignore, though, is these new cats. The older ones — Lily is 11; Portia is 8 — really have it together, and I don’t need to encourage them to do this or that to fit in her. They both were here before I was, as was another cat, Cooper. He suddenly, mysteriously died about six weeks ago.

I miss Cooper. We used to hang out together. I, like mom and dad, was quite sad when he just up and died one night. When dad found him in the morning, he was stiff as a board, I heard dad say.

I like having one cat as a friend. I don’t have any animosity toward the others, but everybody likes one besty, right?

I imagine when the new two settle in a bit more, Hank — mom calls him ‘Hanky Panky’; dads calls him ‘the Hankster’ — is going to be the new besty I’ve been anxious to have since Cooper left. He sure displays a lot of affection for mom and dad — coming right up in their faces and either head-butting or giving them lick-kisses. (More examples of the fact he hasn’t learned all the cat rules yet!)

I have to admit, it’s fun having a kitten in the house. I’ve never even seen one before in all my eight years!

I hope I know enough cat talk to teach Hank how to steal meat off dad’s plate for me. On the other hand, that might not be a good idea: He’d probably want to treat himself with it!

Maybe I can teach him to share? That sounds like kind of a stretch. I may need to work on that idea.



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