My Human Folks Done Gone And Pissed Me Off… Again

Doug Harris
2 min readAug 23, 2021
Gina Puppy-Harris (Photo by Doug Harris)

For hardly the first time, my people did me wrong — and pissed me off — yesterday. They went off on an adventure together and left me home alone with the cats.

I have nothing against the three cats — truth be told, I get along great with them, particularly Hank, who plays rough with me when he’s in the mood — but for a while there, it looked like I was going to go on the adventure, too. I heard them talking about taking me, and I saw dad checking websites and making phone calls to see if dogs on leashes (yckkk!) are allowed in the park they were going to.

Because it was Saturday, the Parks & Rec office was closed, and nobody answered his calls. He even thought about calling the local police department to ask them, figuring they’d know if dogs could visit that park.

In the end, though, he decided not to call, and to leave me home.

“It’s too hot out for her,” he told mom. (Well, it was close to 90 degrees, he said. I’m not sure what that means, but I know I like my food — and the cats’ food, which I prefer — at ‘room temperature’, and 90° sounds a lot hotter than that!)

‘Funny Food’ Was Involved

So off they went, and they were away for hours — until well after dark. And that surprised me, because I have heard dad say many times that he doesn’t like driving after dark any more. He is, he pointlessly reminded mom (who’s well aware of the fact), that he’s “closing in on 80 years of age”.

Naturally, I was quite excited to see them when they finally got home. I kinda hoped they’d brought me a treat, though they seldom do. I could smell ‘funny food’ on them, but none of it was hidden in a bag or pocket for me.

I’d heard them saying before they left that they were going to an “Indian Festival”. I have no idea what that means — well, I had no idea: Now I know that funny-smelling food is involved.

“There were two really big doggies there,” dad told me. Mom added, “Gina would have loved to play with them; She thinks she is a big dog.”

(I know I’m not, since Hank the cat is actually bigger than me! But I make a lot of noise to compensate!)

It’s bad enough they went and left me home, but then to tell me there were big dogs I could have played with added insult to injury.

The next time I hear them planning an outing, I’m heading for my under-the-bed hideout.



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