I Love My Frying Pan!

It’s a star in my kitchen

Doug Harris
2 min readSep 15, 2021

I love my frying pan!

It’s nothing special: a well-balanced, good-heat-holding Farberware.

I have no clue what I paid for it a decade or so ago, but I know I’ve sure gotten a lot of use from it since. Doing everything from frying sunnyside up to two versions of scrambled eggs — I used to mix the egg in a bowl with milk or cream, but my wife, at best a ‘don’t wanna be’ cook, showed me how she scrambled a simple egg (or two) on some olive oil in the pan. I like her style — but with butter as the fat, and cooked a bit beyond the ‘moist’ style she prefers.

I’ve long used this pan for high-heat cooking steaks and medium-heat preparing garlic to become part of a grand food festival featuring fresh tomatoes, basil and oregano, all to eventually be married with al dente spaghetti (or ziti, or rigatoni) for a hard-to-beat ready-in-20 minutes meal.

I love using it for fried green (or recently green) tomatoes, too. They may not be as good as those at the Whistle Stop Café, but they go down a treat in this household. (I use, depending on my mood, heavy cream or an well-beaten egg, as dip one, and fine-ground Virginia cornmeal as dip two.)

I’ve also been known to sauté greens in it, and, famously to my wife, to do clever things with shrimp in it…



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