Do Good, See The Word Spread

Doug Harris
1 min readAug 18, 2021
The actual package front of a box of Lidl’s pasta.

Increasingly, companies large and small are taking steps they feel will either get them closer to their public or, as or more important in the short term, serve a public good.

I’ve encountered two examples of that in the past 24 hours. The first was last night, on an online restaurant menu. Below all the regular offerings was this: “Hungry? Have no money? Ask for a Take-Out Blessing Bowl. God always provides.”

Then, this evening, as I prepared to boil some penne, I saw this notice on the box: “Looking for the window? We removed it… in order to reduce plastic consumption and improve our ecological footprint.”

Each example is, in its way, brilliant! Each makes a valid point, in a way and place sure to be noticed by many of its audience. And chances are that each observer — or nearly all of them — will tell at least one other person; Thus spreading the company’s good will.

Not a bad result when doing a good thing, right?

Doug Harris

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