It’s a star in my kitchen

Sometimes trying a different approach is important

Wide rice… in the wild. (Hardly: It’s mostly cultivated these days.) (Source unknown)

Gina Puppy-Harris (Photo by Doug Harris)

The actual package front of a box of Lidl’s pasta.

20 Years and A Couple of Trillion Dollars Later…

The Fall of Saigon… er, Afghanistan (


The Afghan government has collapsed. After two decades of war with American-led forces, the Taliban’s conquest of the country is all but complete.

Greta Thunberg Could Suggest That

She was convinced the jumps she was attempting made sense… until they didn’t

Simone Biles Competing in Japan (Newsweek)

It simply ‘mouthed’ him 20 seconds… then spit him out

Michael Packard after a Jonah-like adventure

USA Today: Swallowed by the whale: Lobster diver caught by humpback whale off Massachusetts beach

They’re collecting WAY more than $100

Jason Wojydla — Federal agent argued for years to end this abuse

Doug Harris

50+ years a writer, 80+ unique bylines. Two blogs have reached 60+ countries.

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